The Ultimate Quora Mastery Playbook

Learn the Art of Leveraging Quora:-

From this eBook You Will Learn to :

• Generate Flow of Leads Through Quora with Zero Cost Investment

• Get Continuous Quality Traffic That Converts!

• Super Strategies on How to Make Significant Money on Quora!

• Promote Affiliate Products on Quora Without Violating Their Policies!

• Master Quora Ads & Be an Early Adopter!

Well, your problem is not unique. The problem is that you haven’t used platforms to it’s maximum potential yet. 

I am going to provide a seriously Great Solution today to Solve your Traffic + Lead Generation Problem

Read till the end or you will miss it! I bet you!

  • Facebook Organic Reach is close to dead.
  • SEO is Getting Harder Day by Day due to constant changes.
  • Paid traffic is too expensive and until you discover “your winning streak“, the trial and error costs you a fortune.
  • There is a constant need to diversify your traffic

But Wait! There is a way out of this.

Presenting, The Most High Intent User Platform with a reach of 300 Million Monthly Users

It is none other than QUORA.

Not only it brings Quality Traffic due to high user intent but it also brings flow of Continuous Quality Traffic.

which later converts into a Flow of Leads & Sales.

After a Period of time, you start getting almost daily Traffic


When you start writing answers, it remains there forever. You start getting engagement almost daily for the quality answer.

That’s the Beauty of Quora. It happened with me. Only 1 Answer was sufficient enough to get me daily traffic & sales.

Here’s one of my Answer Stats. Look at how many views one answer has got.

This one answer has got me 353k Views. It still gets me 10k views weekly.

This answer then diverts some of the traffic to my website & get me the flow of sales. Its a funnel. The Answer Funnel.

What’s even more enticing that when your answer gets more engagement in the form of upvotes, shares & comments, Quora sends your answers to thousands & millions of people. Which is what happened to my answer as well.

My Answers were sent to more than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest.

That’s Free Email Marketing of your answers via Quora which could have cost you more than $5000.

Here’s a Screenshot of Quora Digest Notification.

quora digest notification

With Quora, I was able to:

  • Sold Digital Products on Quora with 2.7% Conversion Rate with Organic Answers
  • Got 30% Conversion Rates for my Clients For Lead Generation
  • My Answers Have Been Sent to More than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest.
  • Made Money as a Micro Influencer on Quora
  • Got Content Writing Gigs via Quora.

Chapter Preview:-

  • Chapter 1 : Essentials of Content Marketing on Quora
  • Chapter 2 : How to Optimize Your Quora Profile for Extreme Virality!
  • Chapter 3 : How to Write Winning Answers & Explode Your Traffic
  • Chapter 4 : Find Fresh Questions on Quora & Hack into Competitor’s Funnel
  • Chapter 5 : How to Generate Continous Flow of Leads Through Quora
  • Chapter 6 : How to Create Loop of Quora Views & Get Traffic on AutoPilot
  • Chapter 7 : How to Leverage Quora Spaces & Also Make Money Out of Them!
  • Chapter 8 : The Ultimate Cross Promotion Strategy For Your Quora Answers
  • Chapter 9 : How to Rank Your Quora Answers on Google Search Results!
  • Chapter 10 : The Detailed Quora Ads Mastery Guide ( From A-Z )


  • Chapter 11 : How to Make Money on Quora Being a Micro Influencer!
  • Chapter 12 : How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program!
  • Chapter 13 : How to do Affiliate Marketing On Quora without Violating Quora Policies

And That's Not All...

You’ll Also Get Life-Time Updates For This eBook. If there is anything new on Quora, I update this PDF with new strategies too. So you stay updated.

P.S: I will increase the price soon. Claim this today.

About the Author

Hi, I am Tejas Rane. Author of  Quorific & Growth Marketer From India

I have consulted many Startups & Entrepreneurs build content marketing strategy for their business or their products.

My Articles have also been published on & ( One of the Top sites in the world)

I have been practising Quora Marketing right from 2 Years now. Quora has sent my answers to more than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest.

I have generated Organic leads for my clients via Quora Marketing with 30% conversion rates & I reveal all the strategies in this book.

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Some Reviews from people who already started Quora Marketing using Quorific.

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Review From CEO of UrPopular ( Kumaresh Bhatt)

This Book reveals all the secret techniques that many people has yet to discover. Tejas has practically explained step by step to scale up your Quora account backed by practical case studies. I highly recommend this book for everyone. Ultimate value for money.
Rahul Pagare
Founder @ Governmentor
I was ignoring Quora marketing due to my other priorities, but when I read Tejas’s book Quorific, I realized how wrong I was! His book gave me so many valuable insights which I had not come across before. That very moment, I decided to resume answering on Quora, but this time in a Quorific way!
Akshay Borate
CEO @ AkayBee Media
Read this Awesome stuff by Tejas Rane. Quora is indeed a little undervalued platform for influencer marketing and Tejas has touched upon the points on How You can become a Micro Influencer on Quora. I recommend people to go through this well penned book specially if you are looking to have an indepth insight on How Quora Works!
Kumaresh Bhatt
CEO @ UrPopular

After Reading this Guide, You Will be able to:

  • Get Constant Flow of Quality Traffic on Your Website
  • Get Qualified Leads & Conversions  For your Product/Services
  • Build a Personal Brand on Quora
  • Make Money on Quora by Being a Micro-Influencer
  • Make Money on Quora by Promoting Affiliate Products
  • Make Money on Quora From Quora Partner Program
  • Increase YouTube Views/Subscribers using a Ninja Technique
  • Master Quora Ads & Promote Your Services Or Sell Them As a Service

3 Reasons why Quorific is Different.

Incredibly Actionable – This is not any other generic book. It has some of the Best Winning Strategies that will get you Quality Leads at no cost involved ( ofcourse only Time Investment)

Easy to Understand – I have written this book keeping in mind that anyone can understand the concepts I have mentioned. It has many many Screenshots and Step by Step Processes with very minute details put forth.

Case Studies – I have included my Case Studies as a Bonus at the end so that you will get a much clearer idea of my strategies that I Implemented.

Here's a Final Recap Of

Everything You'll Get

When You Get Access


Yes, absolutely it can be read & implemented by beginners too. The concepts are very easy to understand.

There are some advanced stuff on Lead Generation & Some Growth Hacks I personally use. You can implement it too. Besides, there’s a Big Chapter on Quora Ads too.

Absolutely. You get Life-Time Updates. I have actually updated 3 chapters in the last month itself regarding Quora Spaces.

Yes, Chapter 10 is all about Quora Ads & How you can set it up & Get started. Everything in Detail.

You get life-time support. Just mail me at & I will be happy to clear all your queries.

This ebook is 119 Pages with 14 Chapters. It is a self paced ebook. You can read it anytime & start implementing from Day 1.

Yes! I do offer a Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Just Email Me at & I will refund you.

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