How A Computer Engineer Turned Marketer & Published 2 Books at the Age of 23

Hey There, This is Tejas Rane here, Growth Marketer & Author From India.

  • I am a Computer Engineer Turned Digital Marketer. Went On to Publish 2 Books At the Age of 23.
  • Contributing Author at [ The Top Reputed Growth Hacking Site in the World ]
  • Author of Quorific ( The Best Selling Quora Guide ) & 7 Highly Effective Job Search Strategies For Indian Youth.
  • Created a FB Group in a Niche Market & Grew That Group Into 3000+ Members in Less than 2 Months.
  • My Quora Answers Has Been Sent to More than 20+ Million Quora Readers via Q-Digest.

My Short Story

~ I am a Computer Engineer passed out in 2018, when I first heard about Digital Marketing. I was a Data Analyst in a MNC, but honestly there was nothing such as Data Analysis going except sprawling the Excel Sheets. The IT Guys know this very well :P.

~ I ventured myself into SEO, which I had more interest upon when I heard about it in 2018, and that was my start into a new field in Marketing. 

~ Later on I started with my first ever blog here. Ranked Many Articles. I dont write much on this website now as I have ventured my focus elsewhere. But this Blog was really the turning point for me. It will be very dear to me always. Btw, It is now DA 10 🙂

Published 2 Books at the Age of 23

~ Then, I went on to Publish my First Ever book for Job Seekers out there, which got tremendous response on Quora. Here’s a link to the Book incase you are interested to check out –> 7 Highly Effective Job Search Strategies For Indian Youth & How to Tackle Frustration During Job Search.

~ Quora Came. My answers were being sent to more than 20 Million+ People via Quora Digest. So, I Thought Of Creating a Book on Quora Marketing as well. I had really got this platform going since 1 year now and revealed all my strategies into a book.

~ Published Second Book. Named it Quorific. This book is really has been one of the Most Detailed guide I have written on Quora. Quorific means Quora + Traffic. So my main aim here was to help Businesses & Individuals alike to start leveraging Quora like never before. Got Praises from everywhere. Alternatively, you can search “Quorific” on Google, where I have leveraged this brand term to get my page on the No.1 on Search Results as well. 

How Can I Help You?

~ If you are someone, who wants to Leverage Quora, Make Money on the side & Skill up, then I have written this Guide Quorific Just for you. You will get everything that you wanted to know about Quora Marketing.

~ If you are a Job Seeker, then don’t forget to check this guide where I have written my exact steps I followed to get job via LinkedIn-> The Job Search Guide for Indian Job Seekers

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