[Detailed Steps] How to Find Fresh Questions on Quora for Any Topic

There are thousands of questions on Quora. Some are old & trending, while some are very fresh & could trend in the future depending upon the Question.

In this blog post, I will share with you how you can find fresh questions on Quora for any topic so that you can make a list of them & start answering them.

The Filtering Method Process

Go to Quora.com. Search your keyword. Let me take an example for this.

Let’s search for the keyword “market”

Search for keyword market & hit enter. You will see this.

Now, click on Questions as I have highlighted here. Then Filter by Time. Use Past Hour & Other filters available.

I have clicked on Past Hour.

I get a range of questions that have been added in the past hour. Now notice the first question. It has around 10 followers.

Now I wanted to dig in, I check the stats & logs of that question & come to know that this can be a very good question that I can answer. See the screenshot below.

View Stats & Logs. You will get all the stats for that particular question. When I check, I come to know that there are no answers for that question but more than 10 followers.

So using this method, you can search for fresh questions on Quora & Start Answering.

There’s one more method, where you can find fresh answers being written on Quora.

The Search Operator Method to Find Fresh Answers.

Simply use the following operator:- “your keyword” + site:quora.com

Then Under Tools, Filter by Past hour or Past week.

So this is how you can find fresh answers on Quora as well. But majorly, you should use a fresh question method because that is what is going to be more useful rather than checking the fresh answers.

I just wanted to point out the methods you can do both of them.

Final Thoughts

So if you want to find fresh questions on Quora, this method is really effective. In the future, I am going to write more posts on many tactics that you can apply. More on Content Marketing as a whole. Marketing Automation. Lots of stuff. So Stay Tuned.

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