6 Reasons Why You Should Leverage Quora Marketing!

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Many people ask me whether they should leverage Quora Marketing for their products/services or for their clients. In this Epic Article, I am going to dissect each & everything that I know so that it will be crystal clear to you why Quora Marketing is beneficial & why you should start leveraging Quora.

SPOILER ALERT:- Quora Marketing is Marketing’s Best Kept Secret.

Reason #1:- People are in Research Mode

This is the first reason that you should start leveraging Quora. Quora, as we know, is a Question-Answer Platform. People come here for information. They come for research. They want to consume. They want to know more about what’s happening.

This is very important.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you are an Email Marketing Company. And you see this question…

screenshot of mailchimp question on quora

So this is a great question that you can answer & provide your thoughts. Many followers for that Question. You can also check the Stats Log by clicking on the 3 dots you see. There you will understand the total views garnered by that question. It is around 190k.

The moral here is, people are always researching out there. They will buy your product/service maybe not instantly but later on in their buying journey.

This is a great way to make exposure to your brand/product that you want to sell for your audience.

Reason #2:- Flow of Quality Traffic + Sales from Evergreen Answers

Take time to write quality Answers. Make a grit that every answer you write will be Evergreen Answers. If you write Quality Answers which means writing from the heart, providing valuable information, giving statistics to support your answers, you will get a constant flow of Quality Traffic + Sales from those answers.

I can vouch for this. Because I still get flow of traffic to my website for the answer I wrote a year back.

Quora also sent that answer to more than 20 Million+ People.

That is the Power of Quora Marketing.

Check one of the answers that I wrote a year back. It still gets my views & traffic to my website.

stats dashboard quora


See how the graph stacks up. Stacks up Quora views daily & driving me traffic too.

Reason #3:- You can Build Your Personal Brand

When you start writing quality answers, people will start looking up to you.

They will start to know your name as well. Although this is difficult, well for that matter, Building a Personal Brand is difficult. But, yeah you can start one by leveraging Quora.

Pick a Topic. Start writing around that topic consistently. Always have a CTA in your BIO. This will make sure that you start building Email List out of that.

That’s a start.

I will share one famous example of Sean Kernan & How he has build up his brand around Quora.

If you search Sean Kernan on Quora, you will get a plethora of Questions like this….

sean kernan questions on quora

Notice how people are also following those questions. This is enough to build your personal brand. If people are just following on anyone’s name, then you have just getting the success of being a personal brand.

And Having a Personal brand brings you a lot of privileges.

Reason #4:- You can Get Paid for Asking Questions on Quora

Yes, you heard it right.

You can get paid for Asking Questions on Quora.

There’s a concept called Quora Partner Program, which is an invite-only program. This program is pretty simple. You ask as many questions on Quora ( Valuable & that which will get views) & Quora will pay you for asking.

Well,ย  they distribute a percentage from the revenue they get from advertising. There’s no catch here.

This can bring you yet another income stream for you.

Here’s one interesting stat for you:-

The Top Earning Partner has earned over $26,897 over a period of 6 months on Quora via the Quora Partner Program.

This is quite insane level of earning. Yep, I know that not everyone would reach that level, but well you can try it out for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S:- I have also detailed the entire process in my book on Quora Marketing.

Reason #5:- Be a Micro & Nano Influencer on Quora.

The 21st Century Belongs to the Gig & the Influencer Economy.

You can be a Micro-Influencer on Quora & get paid for writing answers for big brands

I have done it. Have written answers for one Big Brand in India. They paid quite generously well.

You can do that too. That is one powerful reason why you should start leveraging Quora Marketing. It really opens up doors of opportunities from everywhere you can possibly think of.

Reason #6:- Master Quora Ads & Be an Early Adopter.

Now, Since people are already in consumption mode, there won’t be a better opportunity for you to show native ads on Quora.

Lets say, you are a Marketing Consultant, you can show your ads near those questions who are having problems related to their business.

You can do this via Question Targeting. Insanely Powerful.

Guess what, Quora Ads are also easy to use. Not very complex. I have ran ads on Quora & have got CPC close to Rs 1 for Indian Audience which is like $0.013 per click.

Insanely Cheap.

Now if you master Quora Ads, you can also serve them to your clients & make that as a service- Quora Ads Services.

Yet another income stream for you. Now you can keep your rates as you wish. That’s up to you.

Final Thoughts

Quora is really an under-rated platform for sure.

Ofcourse, it will take time but if you start today to leverage Quora Marketing you too can get a torrential flow of traffic to your website & generate sales too.

Here’s a compilation of benefits:-

  • To Establish Thought Leadership
  • Get a Flow of constant traffic to your website as your answer grows
  • To Generate Highly Qualified Leads for your business
  • To Generate Brand Awareness or Consideration of your product
  • To Research about your competitors or any new ideas in the market
  • To Grow your online community
  • Best Posts also get syndicated to major publications including the Time and Inc. Magazine
  • To Get Content Writing and Content Marketing Gigs ( Best for Freelancers and Solopreneurs)
  • Making Money by being a Micro-Influencer on Quora
  • Making Money by Selling your own service/Product
  • Running Quora Ads for your clients and run your own Quora Ads Services
  • Taking on Competitors by creating Maximum Share of Voice ( SOV) by spreading on Quora
  • To Hijack Your Competitors Questions for your benefit and driving traffic to your answers
  • To Spread Your Goldmine of Knowledge across a wide range of audience
  • Share your thought provoking ideas thereby improving Credibility
  • To Create your own Personal Brand

You see how much benefits you have right there.

When I kickstarted my growth on Quora,

  • My Answers were sent to more than 20 Million+ People via Quora Digest.
  • Got more than 3% Conversion Rate for my product that I sold via Quora Answers.
  • I got a whopping 30% Conversion Rate for Generating Leads for One of my Clients
  • Got paid for writing answers by being a Micro-Influencer.

I have compiled all of my learnings into a very actionable eBook on Quora Marketing. This includes all the strategies that I personally used & also some strategies that people on Quora are using to grow their brand.

Rolled into 16+ Chapters & 21,221 words, it is an absolutely actionable guide on Quora Marketing You Will Ever Read.

Your Guide Here-> Quorific ( The only Marketing Guide You will need )

Outside India? Get Here-> Quorific ( The only Marketing Guide You will need )

So it must be crystal clear as of now, that why you should start Leveraging Quora Marketing.

It will grow in future as well seeing the traction I am experiencing. Make sure you grab this opportunity & Get Started with Quora.

Do Share this article with those who wants to know Why Quora Marketing is so Beneficial.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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