How To Use WebHooks For Instamojo & Growth Hack to the Next Level

You probably would have heard about Instamojo.

You can use Instamojo to sell courses, ebooks, PDFs & what not. There are tons of things you can do on Instamojo.

In this post, I am going to share with you How to Use Webhooks for Instamojo & What you can do with it, Even if you have zero coding skills. It is super easy. Just follow what I am sharing.

Before proceeding, you need to understand what a Webhook is.

What is a Webhook?

You can say Webhook is something that delivers data to the application in real-time. That’s the most simplistic definition.

Let’s learn from an Example.

You are having a product on Instamojo. Someone purchases the product. But you want all the data ( i.e Email, Phone Number, Name) whatever they are filling up while purchasing to be stored somewhere or may use it for marketing purposes.

You can do so via Webhook.

So, As soon as someone purchases a Product, the customer will get added into your CRM or Email Marketing Tool ( Mailchimp), his information will get collected into a Google Sheet & Set up Instant Email Notification too after the Purchase, In Real-Time.

This happens in less than one second. That’s the Power of Webhooks. Receiving Data From One Application ( Instamojo) & Sending the Data to another Application ( Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Gmail, etc).

Some more real-life examples

Foursquare – Foursquare notifies applications using their WebHook when users checks in.

Stripe – Delivers various payment-related events like payment completed, payment failed, recurring payment disabled, etc

Papertrail – Provides real-time alerting for server health monitoring.

How to Set up Webhook on Instamojo ( Webhook + Instant Gmail Notification Use Case)


Before Starting, I would highly recommend you to bookmark this post, as you might need this every time you get stuck 🙂


Step 1:- Go to


Integromat Signup Page

Integromat is a workflow automation tool. Believe me, I am using Integromat for more than 10 months now. I have forgotten Zapier.

Integromat is the Beast of Automation.

Go ahead & sign up on Integromat.

After Signing up, You need to create scenarios of workflow automation. So we go into Step 2 Now.

Step 2:- Create Scenario For Webhook & Instant Gmail Notification

After you are done signing up, Click on Create New Scenario.

Integromat scenario
Integromat Scenario Creation

Choose 2 services. 1- Webhooks & 2- Gmail 

Gmail For Sending Instant Email Notification to those people who have purchased your product. ( Since we are taking this use case for example.)

In case you want to store the data into Google Sheet, Choose Google Sheet. But for this example, we are taking Gmail for Instant Email Notification.

So choose Gmail as 2nd Service.

After that Hit Continue.

Choose Webhook. Then Custom Webhook.

After you click on Custom Webhook, Follow the below Image.

Hit Save.

Then, Copy the Webhook Address.

Copy this webhook address. It is this address that you need to put into Instamojo Product.

Now Head Over to Instamojo. Go to your relevant product. Click Edit Product.

Under Advanced Settings, you will find the Webhook URL.

Paste your address here. Click Update.

Now go to this URL –> Instamojo Webhook Testing Tool

Select your product. Paste your webhook URL. Click Send Webhook. What this does is, it sends some dummy data to test if your webhook is capturing data or not. After Sending Dummy Data, head over to Integromat and you will see something like this.

Click Okay. Now Click Plus button to Add the Gmail Service.

Click Send An Email, Since we want to send instant email notification via Gmail to the concerned customer who Is purchasing the product.

Then follow these steps,

If you have not given Gmail access to Integromat, Click Add and give Gmail Permission to Integromat. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe.

In the To section, Add a Recipient, Click on the Empty Box and Choose 1. Buyer ( This is nothing but the Buyer’s Email Address). You can even see this into your webhook testing tool of Instamojo as well.

Click Add.

Then In the Subject, Choose your desired Subject Line. For Eg:- Thank you For Purchasing XYZ.

Inside the content, will be your Email Content. So if you put your content directly, it will sent into one line in Gmail. You want to put into different lines. For that you can follow this structure.

Hey {{2.buyer_name}},

Thanks for purchasing XYZ



You can use this structure inside the content. The br tag will break your content into different line.

Click Okay.

Save the Scenario & Then Click on Run Once.

After you click run once, Go to your webhook testing tool and click Send Webhook once more and again go back to your Integromat Dashboard.

You will see all Green Ticks on Integromat Dashboard. Meaning you have successfully set up your scenario.

Now you can save your scenario & Turn On the Scenario. This is Important. Don’t forget to Turn On the Scenario.

You can test purchase your product by purchasing yourselves & putting your Email ID and see if the Instant Email Comes or not.

If the instant email is coming, that means you have set up your Scenario Perfectly. If you don’t, then there must be something wrong with the input field. Check properly once and save.

If you are still unable to do so, shoot me a message on FB, I will help you out in this.

More Use Cases

You can use this Automation Workflow for anything now.

Just Connect your CRM with the Webhook.

1. Imagine a Lead Magnet that you are trying to give away. You can use this setup. Connect Webhook and MailChimp.

So Whenever Someone buys a product, the customer will get automatically subscribed to Mailchimp. You can then follow up with your lead & create a follow-up series with your customer.

2. You can connect your Google Sheet with the webhook as well to collect all the data.


Ever since I started Using Webhooks for Instamojo, I am able to send Instant Email Notifications to my buyers. This has really refined the overall funnel process.

Do implement this if you are using Instamojo. Share this process with everyone who is using Instamojo.

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